Majors - Ages 11-12

Minors - Ages  9 - 10

Bantams- Ages 7 - 8
The Little League

I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best
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Fonda Fultonville LL
Fort Plain LL
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Front Row L to R:  Jacob Galarneau, Hunter Monks, Kyle Denman, Matt Syzdek and
Matthew Hinderliter.
Back Row L to R:  Coach Jay Marsden, Preston Famiglietti, Michael Cichy, Dante
Calderone, Jack Marsden, Jack Szumowski, Nick Myers, Coach Cheryl Galarneau
Missing from the picture:  Matthew Danise, Nick Geren and Coach Lou Magliocca
Front Row L to R: Dylan Travis, Chris Buelow, Josh Huckans, Danny Dylong, Peyton Bogusz
and Hayden Lindsay
Back Row L to R:  Coach Dave Huckans, Coach Gil Dormond, Kade Garrison, Jacob "Twigs"
Terwilliger, Michael Dormond, Aidan Hotz and Coach Christine Holz.
Missing form the picture were Matt Orapello, Colin Ippolito  and Dakota Engle.
BP Little League Minors District Champions
Majors District and Regional Champions
front (left to right):  Aidan Holz, Cedric Boehme, Hunter Monks, Preston Famiglietti Back row: (left to right):  
Josh Huckans, Sam Vainauskus, Dante Calderone, Jack Marsden, Justin Hertik, Mike Cichy.
Missing from Picture:  Jacob Galarneau, Brodryk Benton and Kyle Denman Manager of Team:  Cheryl
Coaches:  Jeff Hertik, Jay Marsden, and Christine Holz