Director - Lou Magliocca
Secretary - Diane Vannie
Treasurer - Sheila Bleyl

Program Coordinators

Basketball - Doug Blanc Jr
Travel Basketball - Jamie DiCaterino
Cheerleading -
 Position Available
Football - Matt Denman
Little League - Lou Magliocca
Softball - Dave Trombley
Soccer - Kieth Buchanan
Summer Recreation - Dianne Magliocca
Wrestling - Tim Roser
Board of Directors

Keith Buchanan-Community
Heather Loucks-Community
Larry Cornell-Village Mayor
Steve Tomlinson-BP Superintendent
Joe Cardone- Catholic Church
Wendy Proctor- Methodist Church
Sam Jackling- Presbyterian
Sheila Perry- Town Supervisor
Stephanie Rebis -Babtist Chu

The Broadalbin Youth Commission was formed in 1950's to provide all youth a positive opportunity for
involvement in conventional activities, such as sports and recreational activities. The BYC is funded by the
Town of Broadalbin, Village of Broadalbin, team sponsors, fund raisers, and support from the Broadalbin
Perth Central School District. The BYC supports over 400 youth and is still growing.
Our staff is currently made up of a Director, Secretary and a Coordinator for each activity. The Board of
Directors consists of the Town Supervisor, Village Mayor, School Superintendent, representatives from the
Methodist, Baptist, Catholic and Presbyterian Churches, and 3 members active as a volunteers in the
The BYC mainly consists of
you, our community members and volunteers!

I.          The youth sport’s programs are designed to encourage participation from the community (both
child & adult).

II.        The youth sport’s programs are an extension of our high school athletics.  They are the
introductory levels which should build strong athletic programs by teaching skills, knowledge of the
game, rules of the game, terminology, sportsmanship, and competitiveness.

III.        Although competition should be fostered, winning should be de-emphasized (especially at the
youngest level).  In addition, “fun” should be encouraged but not a primary function.

IV.        Practices and games should be worthwhile with emphasis on skill development and rules of the
game and not on scrimmaging.  Children need to be TAUGHT the game.  Coaching clinics will be set-up
prior to each season to give coaches both age appropriate drills and terminology to use as well as some
techniques to run an effective practice.

V.        This program is designed to offer EVERY participant an EQUAL opportunity to compete.

VI.        The concept of a “head parent” will continue to be expanded to help the coach.  This parent will
organize responsibilities for fellow parents to alleviate the “extra” duties of a coach and enable him/her to
focus on coaching.
                          MISSION STATEMENT

The mission of the Broadalbin Youth Commission is to provide a safe, quality environment that will allow
children to develop a positive self-image, through the constructive use of leisure time.  This program is
structured such that each individual can acquire desirable social standard and ethical behaviors.  It allows
children to develop and maintain a level of physical, social, and emotional/mental fitness appropriate to
their age.
Broadalbin Youth Commission
Serving the children of the Broadalbin-Perth School District