A foul is committed but the referee continues play so that the offending team gains no advantage.

First Attacker – offensive player with the ball Second Attacker – offensive player who supports the first attacker & is
used as bailout. Third Attacker - offensive player who out-balanced the defense.    Also called forwards or strikers.

Ball Out-of-Bounds
The whole ball must pass the touchline or the goal line before it can be declared out of play.
The quadrant marked at each corner of the playing field.   See Soccer Field.

Restart by attacking team, from corner-arc, after the defending team sends the ball over the goal line. Opponents at
least 10 yards from corner-arc. Goal can be scored directly.

Defensive player to aggressively guard the offensive player with the ball (first attacker) to either tackle the ball or slow
the attack.

First Defender – defensive player immediately in front of the first attacker.   Second Defender – defensive player who
supports the first defender & usually tackles the ball.   Third Defender – defensive player who balanced the defense.
Also called fullbacks.

Direct Free-Kick
Restart by attacking team after a foul is committed. A free-kick from which a goal may be scored directly. The referee
points to the direction of play. See Rule Book for offenses that warrant a direct free kick.

The ball is dropped by the referee (usually between two opposing players) to restart play after being stopped, for a
reason other than an offense by a player, such as serious injury or unusual occurrence not covered by the rules.   
The ball is in play when it hits the ground.

Restart by attacking team. A kick that is free from obstruction after an infraction. There are two types of free-kick:  
direct and indirect

Kick taken by the defending team from the goal-area after attacking team put the ball out of bounds over the goal-
line.   A goal may be scored directly.   Opponents must stay outside of the penalty area.   Ball must exit the penalty
area before it can be touch by another player.   If not, kick is retaken.

An offense committed by obstructing an opponent when not playing the ball.

Indirect Free-Kick
Restart by attacking team after a foul is committed. A free-kick from which a goal can not be scored directly.   The ball
must touch another player before a goal can be scored. The referee will raise his hand for signal. See Rule Book for
offenses that warrant an indirect free kick.

Ball kicked from the center of the field to start play or to restart play after a goal is made.   Team winning the coin toss
must choose a goal to attack.   Other team starts play with kick-off.   A goal may be scored directly from kick-off.   
Opposing team must remain outside of the circle and the kicking team must move the ball in the forward (attacking)

Defensive player guarding a particular offensive player.

An offense where an attacking player plays the ball to his/her teammate that does not have at least two defensive
players between the attacker and the goal. An attacking player considered by the referee to be influencing play or
stealing an unfair advantage.   Offside only applies in the offensive half of the field. There is no offside from a goal-
kick, corner-kick or throw-in.   Punishment – indirect free-kick.

An arc marked outside and joining the penalty area to distance players at penalty kick.   See Soccer Field.

Penalty Kick
Kick awarded to the offensive team when the defensive team inside the penalty area commits a foul. Kick is taken in
the penalty spot.

Large rectangle marked in front of each goal.   See Soccer Field.

Point of Attack
The location of the ball on the field in relation to the offensive player.  

An immediate action taken offensively or defensively.

Red Card
A serious misconduct by a player such as violent foul, abusive language, or second yellow card. A player who is red-
carded is automatically ejected from the game. See Rule Book for offenses that warrant a red card.

Third of the Field
The soccer field is divided into offensive third, middle third & defensive third. Use to emphasize player position/action
for tactical purposes.

A restart where the ball is thrown in from the touchline after the ball went out of bounds from the touchline. The whole
ball must pass the touchline before it can be declared out of bounds.  If the ball goes directly into the opponents goal
from a throw-in, no score.  Restart will be a goal kick by the opponent. The ball must touch another player before the
thrower can touch the ball again.  Execution: Hold the ball with both hands starting from the back of the head and
throwing forward, passing through the head. Both feet must be on/touching the ground. Part of the feet can be on the

The sidelines on the field. See Soccer Field.

Track Back
To come back and help defensively.

Yellow Card
Misconduct by a player such as un-sportsmanlike behavior, arguing referee’s decisions, etc. This is a misconduct
lesser than Red Card. Two Yellow cards in a game constitute a Red Card. See Rule Book for offenses that warrant a
yellow card.
Fall Soccer Signups!
The Fall program is for
boys and girls in
kindergarten through 8th
. Registration for
Grades k – 4th is limited
to children in the
Broadalbin-Perth School
District. Registration for
grades 5th through 8th is
open to all children in
Fulton and Montgomery
Counties.  Registration is
$35.00 for the fall
Program Coordinator - Keith Buchanan
Spring & Fall Seasons!
There are approximately 225 kids who participate in the
spring season and about 300 in the fall season.  The ages
are k through 8th grade.  The divisions are as follows:

          1st and 2nd grades
          3rd and 4th grades
          5th through 8th grades.

Sign ups for the spring season are held around the 3rd
week of March.  Parents may sign their children up for
spring, fall, or both seasons at these sign ups.  Games are
played every Saturday beginning the first week in May and
end the third Saturday in June.
Sign ups for the fall season are
in mid August.  Games start
the second Saturday of September.

1.  Division is determined according to the child's grade.
2.  Pre-K and kindergarten can not wear cleats (turf shoes are okay).
3.  First grade and up can wear cleats
4.  All players must have shin guards.
5.  There will be referees for grades 1 through 7.
6.  No spitting
7.  No foul language.
8.  No inappropriate behavior. (Individuals who are asked to leave for   
reasons of foul language or otherwise inappropriate behavior will be Red
Carded and be subject to a 1 game suspension unless otherwise determined
by the Youth Commission Board.)

Dogs are not allowed at games or practices.
There is no smoking on school or church property.
House Rules!
Varsity Coaches host
BYC Soccer Clinic
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Soccer Clinic
& Team Photos
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